We create classic, eclectic and premium T-shirts for you to look colorful and feel great every day!


Organic Cotton

Sits softer and lighter on skin than regular cotton. less use of synthetic chemicals makes it more breathable. Is sustainable and good for the environment.

  • Breathable
  • Light and soft
  • Environmental friendly
  • Minimal static charge

Invisible Stitching

A super fine stitch makes the T-shirts long last. Gives them a premium and
luxurious finish than any other regular cotton.

  • Durable
  • Premium and luxurious finish

Perfect Fit

A classic crew neck and slim fit give you a crisp modern look. To avoid sagging we have designed tapered bottoms for men and curved hem for women. Hence, giving you the perfect fit.

  • Tapered bottom(for him)
  • Curved hem(for her)
  • Classic crew neck
  • Slim fit

Wide Colour Range

Wide variety of colors ranging from quirky shades of Bubblegum Pink and Minty Mojitoto fierce shades like Ferrari Orange and starlight white. They are bold, dazzling and classy shades with one suiting your every mood.

  • Colors suiting all your moods